Beyond Technique

Beyond Technique I - Coaching Outside the Lines is a three-month journey of learning for experienced leaders, coaches, and other professionals whose effectiveness relies upon co-creative conversation. The program provides powerful, profound growth and transformation through a mix of individual and group coaching, self-directed activities, and mutual support. Participants set themselves a specific focus for their engagement in the program and support each other's growth and accomplishments. Each member crafts their own unique Beyond project, such as amplifying the reach and revenue of a business, achieving an advanced professional credential, writing an article or book, moving out of a long-held corporate role into a new venture, or integrating years of experience and learning into a newly integrated, intuitive and impactful approach that is their own signature coaching or leadership style.

Following Beyond Technique I - Coaching Outside the Lines, the second and third phases of the Beyond Technique pathway are Beyond Technique II - From Mastery to Mystery, and Beyond Technique III - The Way of the Coach. Entry into each phase depends upon successful completion of the one before.

Beyond Technique is a LifeDance Academy course offering.

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