Deepen your Roots and Spread your Wings are two year-long programs with quarterly workshops,
designed to support your personal and business growth in 2022.

The programs may be taken separately or together, to help you bring your projects to fruition. 

In Deepen Your Roots, we explore qualities of presence and how we embody them in daily life and business. 
Through live group coaching and self-directed activities, we nurture our presence to ourselves, our clients, colleagues, families and friends.
Deep, focused presence creates space for us and others to discover our true potential and blossom into it. 

In Spread Your Wings, we discover how a coaching ethos can support professional projects and business growth.
 Through live group coaching and self-directed activities, we channel our natural strengths and use them to extend our contribution.
Daring to soar into the unknown allows us to share our gifts and make a bigger difference in the world. 

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 Quarterly 90-minute workshops build on each other but can also stand alone.

  Regular prompts encourage you to apply the learning to your 2022 projects and plans.

  Participants are invited to engage in peer practice and accountability check-ins throughout year.

  You choose your focus. If you feel the need to reconnect with the ground of your being, select Deepen your Roots. If you are ready to grow your business and extend your reach, Spread your Wings is for you. And yes, you can do both!

  These programs are designed and facilitated by Sara 'Zora' Boas, whose pioneering coaching business has been leading transformation and transforming leadership worldwide since 1987. They are a distillation of decades of experience and understanding of what really works. 


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The quarterly online workshops are all 90 minutes long, starting at 9.00 am Mountain Time / 16.00 UK time / 17.00 CET. Workshops are recorded for those who can’t attend live.

Deepen your Roots

▶   Wednesday, February 16

▶   Wednesday, May 11

▶   Wednesday, August 24

▶   Wednesday, November 30


Spread your Wings

    Thursday, February 17

    Thursday, May 12

    Thursday, August 25

    Thursday, December 1


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Deepen your Roots

$ 297


 4 quarterly 90-minute workshops

 self directed activities and prompts

 peer practice opportunities

  the chance to deepen your roots and focus on your self development




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Spread your Wings

$ 297


 4 quarterly 90-minute workshops

 self directed activities and prompts

 peer practice opportunities

  the chance to spread your wings to develop your business and professional projects



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LIFEdance membership

from $ 47/mo


 Weekly live themed events

 Access to recordings of live events 

 Private forum

 Resource library

 Additional webinars

 Peer coaching and mentoring

  50% discount on Deepen your Roots or Spread your Wings 2022*

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"Just want to say how much I am enjoying soaking up and being nourished by the LIFEdance meetings, and all that you do and share with the community - your wisdom, love, vision, insight and compassion."

Yolande Snaith, Professor, Theatre and Dance, University of California San Diego

Sara Boas, MCC, MA, RDMP - known to her friends as Zora - is an award-winning leadership expert, who has been coaching professionally for more than 30 years and has worked with many thousands of individuals across 100 countries, on 5 continents. She is a pioneer of the coaching profession, having founded her coaching business in 1987, several years before the start of the International Coaching Federation.

In 2007, Zora was a recipient of the Top 30 Global Gurus 'Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence'. This award is bestowed upon individuals who have attained the recognition of their peers and the general public for the originality, practicality and impact of their ideas, and for their visionary leadership.

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of her lifelong journey of transforming leadership and leading transformation. While continuing to partner with global corporate and institutional clients, as she and her team have done for several decades, she is now also making her unique approach more available to the many individuals who seek to work with her directly.

Her subscription membership, LIFEdance Community, brings coaches and leaders together to refine and deepen the art of co-creative conversation. Her LIFEdance Academy provides professional Mentor Coaching, masterclasses, leadership education, and a transformational Accredited Coach Training Program. Through the cultivation of potent presence, embodied learning, timeless connection, and enlivening growth, LIFEdance programs put co-creative conversation at the heart of leadership, guided by the motto ‘Live your dance, Dance your life!’

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