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We are an international team of professionals who are passionate about self-transformation. We are each unique, with different backgrounds, experiences, motivations and dreams. Nevertheless, we all have something in common: we are fully aligned with the LIFEdance ethos and, therefore, proud members of LIFEdance Community, which was founded by Sara 'Zora' Boas.

It's an honour for us to support you in your learning journey. Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime!

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How it all began  

I'm Sara Boas. Zora to my friends. 

My global coaching consultancy, boas partners, was founded in 1987, and for more than 35 years has been leading transformation and transforming leadership around the world. But alongside this work with corporate and institutional clients, I have always served another community too: individual professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. Thousands of coaches, consultants, educators, counsellors, healers and other 'people-who-work-with-people' have enjoyed my mentoring, professional development programs, accredited coach training, masterclasses, workshops and retreats.  

In 2020, in response to the restrictions of the pandemic, I made my work with individuals accessible by bringing it fully online. I founded an international growth community based on co-creative conversation, and made it possible for clients to join my personal and professional development programs from the comfort and safety of home. 

So, LIFEdance Community and LIFEdance Academy were born.

I had created the LIFEdance name and its motto Live your dance, Dance your life! twenty years earlier, when I developed a powerful tool for transformation that uses body awareness and improvisational movement to learn, change and grow. Back then, the dance studio was a place to explore life skills, to release innate creativity, and to liberate hidden potential. Over time, however, the metaphor of life as a dance became more important, and the physical space was replaced by our private portal. As the impact of the pandemic recedes, we are once again offering in person workshops and retreats. However, the heart of LIFEdance remains in the space between us, as LIFEdancers connect for deep, intimate conversations that transcend distances and boundaries. 

Today, our shared LIFEdance is a dance of dialogue, of giving and receiving insights and ideas, of listening and exploring, analysing and intuiting, co-coaching and witnessing, as we all learn and grow. 

The spirit of LIFEdance is sustained by each member of this community and supported by a dedicated team of colleagues. I encourage you to read more about the team below and to contact us if you need any  support or just want to say 'hello'. We are always open to co-creative conversation!

Welcome to LIFEdance. I'm glad you're here. And please, call me Zora. 

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Barbara Alfors

Host and facilitator

Barbara hosts many LIFEdance Community and LIFEdance Academy offerings, including the weekly Friday Live sessions. She often leads the centering to start the event, and believes connection with the community helps to make these centerings meaningful. Barbara also helps LIFEdance community members with any assistance they need or questions they may have.

Barbara is an PCC Certified Coach through the ICF, a certified via® coach and member of the International Coach Federation. Training with boas partners profoundly deepened her previous training completed with CTI, the Coach Training Institute.

Barbara’s coaching style is to use intuition, embodiment, and presence to help her coachees to new insights, and brings these qualities to LIFEdance to support the community.

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Suzanne Mariner

Engagement Coordinator

Suzanne’s focus is the nurturance of our community as we evolve and deepen our dance of connection, belonging, and co-creativity.

Suzanne has always had a passion for community building. She has been facilitating transformation for over 35 years as a Personal and Professional Development Coach, Educator, and Body-Centered Therapist and brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to support and enrich our community. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Ontological and Transformational Executive Coach, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

She facilitates the LIFEdance Open Studio sessions and reaches out to our community members throughout the year to support their engagement, learning, and growth, within and beyond our live events.

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Laura Mayer

Project Manager

Laura coordinates LIFEdance projects and training programs, combining her extensive experience in the Human Resources field, coaching education and robust analytical skills.  

She has been involved with boas for more than 10 years. Initially as a student (Laura is a certified via® coach) and later as facilitator and senior member of the team designing and executing  boas programs for individuals and global organisations. 

Her extensive international working experience, together with her academic achievements in South America, Middle East and the UK, are reflected in each of the projects she takes part in. Laura ensures that LIFEdancers get all the support they need, from the right person, at the right time.


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